The Durian Tourist’s Guide To Penang


書名 : The Durian Tourist’s Guide To Penang
作者 : Lindsay Gasik
出版 : 黑土設計所
出版日期 : 2018年
ISBN : 9789671392133
頁數 : 327頁
定價 : RM 69.00
分類 : 馬來西亞地方書寫

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  • Identification guide to over 25 Penang Durian Varieties
  • Vivid full-color photos and engaging stories about durian people and places
  • Descriptions of durian farms, farmstays, and stalls to visit
  • Tips for choosing good durian and avoiding bad durian

The Durian Tourist’s Guide to Penang is a comprehensive guide to the durians and durian plantations in Penang. Amazingly, it is not the work of a local durian enthusiast, but a young American girl. If you had expect every Westerner to run away at the aroma of durian, well, not anymore. But Lindsay Gasik is no average Western. Not only has she developed an appreciation for durians, she has also travelled all over Asia to seek out durians where they grow naturally. And she’s not alone. Lindsay is one among a growing throng of Westerners calling themselves durian lovers.



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